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WordPress Hosting: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Lee on 9th August 2018

Every day people are setting up their website, be it for a personal blog, an e-commerce store or an informative site for your business or brand. Most of them choose WordPress as their platform, which is why it is vital to get your WordPress hosting decision right. What Is WordPress? WordPress is an open source…

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What kind of web hosting do I need for…

Posted by Lee on 8th August 2016

Here at zFast, we are often asked “What kind of web hosting do I need for…?” and without specific information this question is really hard to answer. The fact is there are many different types of web hosting available, we offer most of these on our website. Web Hosting “Web Hosting” or “Shared Web Hosting” are suitable for most…

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How do I set my website to use CloudFlare?

Posted by Lee on 21st July 2016

Setting your website up with CloudFlare is super easy, but does take a little knowledge of DNS. No worries though, we are here to help you with our step-by-step guide to setting your website up with CloudFlare. Step 1: Sign Up The first step, you will need an account with CloudFlare – if you already…

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Secure WordPress – Protecting Your Website

Posted by Lee on 7th June 2016

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms available today. This makes WordPress one of the main targets for hackers to gain control of your server. Luckily, there’s a few quick and easy ways you can secure WordPress and ensure that it is well protected from threats. Updates We would recommend logging into your Dashboard…

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Three different ways to use VPS Hosting

Posted by Lee on 25th May 2016

Our VPS Hosting plans are fast, affordable and have many uses. With your UK based virtual private server (VPS) you can use it for more than you would first think. The possibilities are endless, but here’s a three of our favourite uses of VPS servers. Web Hosting OK, well as you can imagine, this is probably…

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What is SHOUTcast Hosting?

Posted by Lee on 18th May 2016

SHOUTcast Hosting is hosted software which allows you to stream media in MP3 or AAC format via the Internet. SHOUTcast is software developed by Nullsoft which allows digital content to be broadcast to a server from media player software, allowing the creation of online radio stations. By purchasing SHOUTcast Hosting from a reputable provider you save time…

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Virtual Server Hosting

Posted by Lee on 17th May 2016

What is Virtual Private Server (“VPS”) Hosting? Virtual Private Server (“VPS”) Hosting, or virtual server hosting is a virtual machine which allows you to run your own copy of major operating systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu and Debain. It’s a division of a much larger host node which is sold off as smaller private servers. Each server…

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Reporting in CentovaCast

Posted by Lee on 27th April 2016

If you are a radio station, playing recorded music and have the required licences to stream online in the UK, then once a quarter you will very likely report to PPLUK.  PPL generally require the ‘Total Listening Hours’ and the ‘Average Songs Per Hour’ to calculate the tariff that you should be on for the licence….

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How to create your own nameservers

Posted by Lee on 21st April 2016

We are often asked by our Reseller Hosting customers how they can create their own nameservers for their customers to use rather than using our branded NS records, the good news is this is actually a very simple process and will only take a few minutes to setup. What are nameservers? Nameservers play a huge role…

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secure streaming

Auto DJ Show Scheduling

Posted by Lee on 11th March 2016

We often get asked how to set up Auto DJ to schedule shows for your listeners – so if you’re looking to have a “personal touch” to your standard Auto DJ programme, this could be the answer. Auto DJ Scenario Let’s work on the assumption that you are a radio broadcaster for a community radio…

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